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md3Amazing application for animated drawing. Create nicer your mobile screen. Draw something using plain and animated brushes. This magic painter allows you to create fantastic animated drawings or simple doodles. Using animated brushes, you can create beautiful, animated photo frames. You can save your completed animated drawings as a live wallpaper and set them on screen of your phone or you can save painting as a photo. You can also show off your drawing on Facebook.
You can use plain brush, colorful chalk, glitter, golden brush and others animated brushes such as:
– Shining crystals
– Colorful fireworks
– Shining diamonds
– Diamond hearts
– Shining hearts
– Flowers changing color
– Diamond flowers
– Animated butterflies
– Shining stars
– Animated fire flames
– Sparklers
– Colorful pearls
– Glitter hearts
– Gold, silver and diamond brush
Animated brushes have 3 different sizes. You can set 3 different density. This allows you to achieve amazing results while drawing. You can create great animated drawings or static drawings. This cool magic painter will allow you to create a fantastic animated live wallpaper. Write down a name using flowers changing color or glitter, draw a rose of crystals, create animated photo frames, whatever you want and when you want. Use your imagination. If you lack a particular brush email us, we’ll add it to the magic painter update. View our gallery of drawings, live wallpapers and photo frames, which will give you an idea of how to draw.
In case of any problems with the effect of magic painter, drawing application, instead of giving us the negative opinion, please send us an e-mail and review briefly the problem. It will help us to solve it in the next updates of drawing app.
Magic painter is free but contains ads in settings of the wallpaper and inside app. Revenue from advertising will help us to create new attractive wallpapers and applications. All permissions are required only for advertising and are supported by trusted vendors.


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