Talking Fluffy Balls

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fluffy ballsBlue and pink fluffy ball. Two best friends. Talking fluffy balls it is funny free app with live wallpaper option.
The talking fluffy balls will repeat everything you tell them in a funny way. The blue fluffy ball and pink fluffy ball are very talented. They play the following instruments great: percussion, keyboard, piano, electric guitar.
You can feed the fluffy balls. When you begin to pat on the top of the balls they will glad and make funny noises. Touch on the bottom part of the ball will cause it to make funny faces and make funny noises.
The app has great puzzles. The puzzles have three difficulty levels.
If you like the talking fluffy balls, you can set them as a wallpaper in your phone. In case of any problems with the effect of talking fluffy balls, instead of giving us the negative opinion, please send us an e-mail and review briefly the problem. It will help us to solve it in the next updates of app with fluffies.
App with the talking fluffy balls is free but contains advertisements inside app. The income from advertising will help us to create new, attractive applications and wallpapers. All permissions are required only for advertising and are support by trusted vendors.


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