Animated photo frames

Animated photo frames – an amazing app which allows you to decorate your photos. Select ready frame templates or create your own, unique animated frames. In the frame templates you can find 15 great ideas with animated flames, butterflies, flowers, hearts, diamonds and neons. How to create your own frame using the animated elements? Choose […]

Magic drawing

Amazing application for animated drawing. Create nicer your mobile screen. Draw something using animated brushes. This magic painter allows you to create fantastic animated drawings or simple doodles. You can create Valentines cards, greeting cards. Using animated brushes, you can create beautiful, animated photo frames. You can save your completed animated drawings as a live […]

Night Vision

Would you like to see in the dark? Night vision application can help you with this! Night vision app enhances the capabilities of a camera phone, so that you are able to take better pictures in the dark. The application contains a real COMPASS!! Night vision app will provide you with a lot of fun […]

Water drops live wallpaper

Free and energy-saving cool video wallpaper. Select one of the four fantastic types of backgrounds with falling water drops and set it on the screen of your mobile phone. Excellent quality of image and animation. In case of any problems with the effect of Water drops live wallpaper, instead of giving us the negative opinion, […]

Puzzles For All

Puzzles for all. Landscapes, animals, flowers, cartoon for kids. Puzzles have a lot of images: grouped in themes or customise by using your own photos. Interface of puzzles is simple and easy to use. Increasing difficulty: from 12 to 132 pieces! In case of any problems with the effect of puzzles, instead of giving us […]

X-ray, scanner

The X-ray is a great app for having fun with your friends. Play a joke on your friends. Scan a part of person: leg, hand, arm, head, and the x-ray will show you their roentgen photo. Scanner will reveal their secrets: maybe nails in head, or alien creature in belly? The scanner guarantees you a […]

Crazy shapes. Magic effects.

Crazy shapes. Magic effects on your mobile screen. Touch and have fantastic fun! Amazing live wallpaper for Galaxy S5. Create magic effects on colored picture. This wallpaper inspired by the original wallpaper Galaxy S5. It is the very interactive live wallpaper. You can choose from 6 backgrounds: Background 1 – inspired Galaxy S5 wallpaper Background […]

Talking cat. Talking puppy.

Talking cat and talking dog, funny free app. The talking friends will repeat everything you tell them in a funny way and will add a funny comment from them. The talking cat and the talking dog are very talented. Talking friends play the following instruments great: bongo, percussion, keyboard, accordion, cello, piano, electric guitar. The […]

Electric Shock Screen

Electric screen, electric shock live wallpaper. Coloured lightning strike in your phone. Touch the screen anywhere and you will see electric lightning under your finger. You will hear electrical crackling and you will feel electric shock also 😉 You can make joke your friends. In the settings of electric screen live wallpaper you can modify: […]

Talking Fluffy Ball

Talking fluffy ball, funny app with live wallpaper option.How use the app with talking fluffy ball: Touch the fluffy ball on the top part and start speak. Fluffy ball repeats everything you say in a funny way and adds funny comment. When you begin to touch the marble on the bottom part it will glad […]